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Project: Schrijven webtekten


Project: Schrijven teksten


Project: Vertalen teksten


Proofreading / Editing

Do you have doubts about the quality of a text? Are you concerned about bad sentence structure? Translate! can help you out by throroughly checking the text for errors in spelling, style, punctuation, but also by looking at contents and sentence structure.

Proofreading means removing the grammatical errors from a text. Editing is also proofreading but goes a step further and also looks at sentence structure, contents and style. The result: a catchy, smoothly written text.

Translate! charges a fee per word or per page for both proofreading and editing. This way you will always know in advance what the total fee is. The minimum amount for proofreading and editing is €35. For rush jobs Translate! charges a 10 % surcharge on the total sum.  

Do you have a text or translation that needs to be corrected or edited? Then get in touch for more information or apply for a tender without engagement via the contact form. You will usually get a reply within one workday.