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About Translate!

Translate! was founded in 2000 by GabriĆ«lla van Karsbergen, graduated in English language and literature and American Studies at Utrecht University. Translate! specialises in texts and translations in the field of media and entertainment, lifestyle, food, travelling/tourism, nature, art (history)/culture, education, technique, recreation/leisure, architecture, (popular) music.  Translate! writes and translates texts at a competitive price and always puts the wishes of the clients first. Communication is therefore a keyword. Whether it is a leaflet or a novel, Translate! works on each text with the same amount of dedication and effort.

Translate! stands for:

Quality made possible by many years of experience in the field of linguistics. Creative use of language combined with knowledge of culture and social and geographical aspects of a country. The result? A clear and well-written text. 

Flexibility so that you can always count on personal attention and great dedication. Your wishes are most important. 

Reliability and service with regard to agreements and deadlines. But also with regard to confidential information.

Do you have any special wishes? Then please get in touch. Would you like to know more about prices or services? Then get in touch or apply for a tender without engagement via the contact form. You will usually get a reply within one workday.